The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others


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Take action by taking a ride with Live Bikes. We organize 8 mile bicycle ride events across Florida with hopes of national expansion. These events are created for people who enjoy positively impacting their community. We hope to motivate families, competitive riders, fitness enthusiasts and  leisurely riders to take part in our fun events that promote goodwill within our community.


Live Bikes is a Non-profit Organization which seeks to get everyone involved. We welcome passionate volunteers to help accomplish our work in providing help to the youth of our community.

We thank all of our volunteers for their selfless acts of service to further our mission. Your dedication and leadership is greatly appreciated.


Our sponsorship program offers our partners a unique opportunity to exhibit themselves and their brand as a positive and progressive entity.  Sponsors are able to reach a broad demographic and communicate the benefits of their products and services to their local community.

Program Opportunities Coming Soon!

Make a difference in the lives of our youth

What Live Bikes is All About

Lives Bikes Inc. is a nonprofit organization  established in 2015 and based in Clearwater, Florida. It was founded on the idea that we all deserve the opportunity to smile, to laugh and to be happy. We aim to unify and strengthen our community through positive events and promote goodwill to those in need.

The Reindeer Ride starts in:

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